Lacombe Golf & Country Club

The Lacombe Golf & Country Club has quite the history in Lacombe, Alberta. The club formed in 1919 and was officially established in 1925. Lacombe Golf & Country Club continues to grow and change. Constantly being developed in order to keep it superior for it's dedicated members and guests. It is one of the best golf courses in Central Alberta.

  • Not a stair in the Building
  • A large Accessible parking Lot for Bus Tours
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Dietary Needs welcomed and embraced.

Cow Patti Comedy Dinner Theatre

Cow Patti Comedy Dinner Theatre adds to the great history of the Lacombe Golf & Country Club. Our performances can be found inside the dining room of the club. Our stage is setup in center, giving all of our guests a different perspective of the events at play in our productions. The Lacombe Golf & Country Club's friendly staff in the dining room are the one's who will be helping serve you during our comedy dinner theatre performances.