New Release / Update – January 2022

Uncategorized / January 6, 2022

Reserve Your Tickets to Jonas & Barry in the Home

Covid19 Regulations Update – September 2021

Uncategorized / September 17, 2021

Dear Cow Patti Customers, Over the last 30 years I have sat down many times, with pen and paper to write my press release for the upcoming season of the Cow Patti Theatre Company. I find myself this season doing it with a slight hesitancy as we trudge our way through this 4th wave but […]

Cow Patti 2021/2022 Credit Information

Uncategorized / May 28, 2021

Well 20 months into this Pandemic the theatre world is coming back to life and we at Cow Patti are thrilled to be taking the stage again with our 2021- 2022 Line Up of Comedy Theatre. First and foremost, we appreciate you taking a credit because it really saved our bacon and it is because […]


Uncategorized / May 28, 2021

What a time it has been and for all the negative, (which I am glad I have remained – covid speaking) I have watched and listened to so much positive. I’ve watched people be kinder and gentler, I’ve watched children playing outside, I’ve watched my belly get rounder, which was the result of watching beautiful […]

Cow Patti Post 2nd Edition

Uncategorized / July 15, 2019

It’s Time to Laugh Again! On March 12th, 2020, we opened Lunenburg to a sold-out crowd, and we were wll on our way to enjoying a 30-show run of Norm Foster’s brilliant new play: Lunenburg. Eight shows later we had to turn down the lights and our theatre became dark. But a glimmer of light […]